Prostate Cancer Surgery- Get it done by the Expert Surgeon of Kolkata

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Cancer is a disease that predominantly occurs because of rich life style and old age and this is especially true for the prostate cancer as it is usually found in men eating fat diet and living in developed cities. The highest incident of prostate cancer is reported from north eastern part of India. The reason behind the highest prostate cancer cases is linked to the three main causes of cancer and that is alcohol, rich and heavily salted diet, bad hygiene and genetic causes. Thus majority of the prostate cancer patients from this part of India moves to Kolkata for achieving better treatment and best of facilities. Kolkata has various major institutions where experienced and qualified oncologist is associated to serve the increasing number of cancer patients. The surgeons of Kolkata are well experienced and successfully handle most of the prostate cancer surgery.

Most of the Kolkata hospitals are well equipped with all the major facilities for prostate cancer treatments like radiotherapy etc. that are helpful in diagnosing the disease as well as for carrying out the treatment. Digital rectal examination is done to detect the cases of prostate cancer and its treatment is carried out based on the severity of the problem. The prostate cancer treatment varies according the patient conditions. The most preferred treatment for prostate cancer is surgery and Kolkata is the highly recommended place for successfully carrying out prostate cancer surgery due to some renowned prostate cancer surgeon in the city.

Treatment of prostate Cancer is usually carried out after examining the patient condition as the treatment varies according to the severity of the problem. Radical Prostatectomy is a surgery which is carried out to remove the entire prostate with the tumour and this surgery is performed only when the cancer has not spread to other areas of the body. Radical radiotherapy is another common treatment for prostate cancer that has not yet spread to other areas of the body. During this treatment the prostate is bombarded with a beam of radioactive particles that kill the cancer cells. This is a two week course treatment with a rest period of two weeks in between. Whatever treatment option is adopted it is better to get it done by experts. Kolkata is known for the prostate cancer surgery and treatment thus patients from every part of India prefer prostate cancer surgery in Kolkata. provides the world class prostate gland surgery, Kidney stone treatment and all types of treatment for Kidney related problem at affordable rates in Kolkata by renowned Consultant Urologist Dr. Amit Ghose. He is one of the best doctors for prostate cancer surgery and treatment in Kolkata.

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