Medieval Shirts: An Antique Attire of The Past

Published: 05th March 2009
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People in the middle ages were mostly fond of woolen clothing and they mostly prefer linen undergarments. Elite section of the society was inclined towards high quality material, bright colours and long jacket. Clothes were worn in layers, throughout the middle ages. A light linen tunic formed the foundation over which additional linen or wool garments were worn. By the 13th century, these shirts evolved into a simple, relatively short, white linen shirt. The shirt went through vital changes in the following century and it evolved to conform to the new, closer-fitting outer garments of men's fashion.

The St. Louis shirt act as a reference in the beginning and then shirts designing was based on contemporary artwork. Medieval shirts depict all of the key elements of the medieval period. It is pertinent to note that medieval shirts depict all of the key elements of the medieval period. Made of white linen, the body of the shirt is cut like that of the cotte and is specifically designed to be worn with it. Medieval shirt has a keyhole neckline that was visible from the cotte and can be worn with both open and closed broach.

Medieval shirts are a great beginner piece in starting your medieval wardrobe. Made from high quality viscose fabric, these shirts are light in weight and has buttoned cuffs and drawstring in the front that provides easy adjustability, thereby making it comfortable to wear. The striped design and style remind of the Landsknecht period costumes. Medieval shirts are available in various colours and sizes to meet the requirements of different customers. These shirts are very authentic to the medieval era and efficiently help one to depict that era. Medieval shirts, once the attire for Knights, kings and queens are still prevalent including:

• Cotton Shirt - This medieval shirt is mostly worn to celebrate a special occasion in the village.

• Courtly White Shirt - This lovely bright white period shirt is available with a black edged Tudor collar.

• Highlander Shirt - The relaxed look of cotton made this shirt ideal for almost any causal occasion and is suitable for both male and female.

• John Coxon Shirt - This Shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric and its sleeve has a long cuff with eyelets and a drawstring for fit wearing.

• Musketeer Shirt - This shirt is the perfect companion piece for the Musketeer ensemble.

There were various other types of shirts in medieval era, which gave the perfect look of that era. Quality fabric, artistic art work and specifically designed was some of the highlighting features of those shirts. offers a new generation fashions items with a large range of Medieval clothes with Medieval Shirt. You can also find Pirate Clothes and Pirate shirts according to the today's needs and requirements.

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