Kolkata is Highly Recognised Place for the Kidney Stone Treatment

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Kidneys are better known as blood filtration unit, which eliminate waste product from the blood in the form of urine. During this blood filtration process certain chemicals in the form of crystals get deposited on the kidneys that later grows on to form kidney stones. Stones small in size naturally passes through but the larger stones need to be removed or else it causes several urinary problems for the patients. The problem of kidney stones starts with agonizing pain in lower back or under the ribs or in the lower abdomen causing urinary problems. Kidney stones are of different sizes and vary from small as grains to big as balls. Kidney stone treatment should always be carried out at reliable and renowned hospitals like several hospitals of Kolkata that are especially recognized for the kidney stone treatment.

The main cause behind the kidney stone formation is the change in the balance of minerals, salt and water along with other things found in urine. The changes in the balance mostly occur due to not drinking of sufficient amount of water. Patients suffering from kidney stone problems need immediate medical care. Treatments for kidney stone is provided according to the size of stones found in kidney. If, the stones sizes are small i.e. less than 1 cm then doctors go for the lithotripsy treatment. In this treatment extracorporeal shock wave is used to break the stones into small pieces that can easily pass out from the patient's urine. Kolkata is the ideal place for kidney stone treatment as one can find several renowned and experienced doctors having great record.

For the treatment of larger kidney stones doctors perform Key Hole Surgery called PCNL, in which under anesthesia a puncture is made in the loin and a tract is dilated. Then the stone is disintegrated into smaller parts that are removed through the same dilated tract. In this treatment stones are completely removed, giving patients completely relief from the problem. For any type of kidney stone treatment, patients especially from north eastern and eastern part of India prefers Kolkata to get their kidney stone removal. Kolkata has many renowned hospitals and medical institutes that are highly trust worthy and reliable. Patients from the near by location move to Kolkata for their kidney stone treatment so that they get latest treatment for their problem.

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