CRB Clearance- A Complete Guide to Your Safety

Published: 04th January 2010
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What is CRB?

CRB or Criminal Record Bureau is a government run body present in England. CRB provides wider access to the detailed criminal records of England and Wales. This is done through the disclosure services. Scotland and Ireland have equivalent agencies running as well. CRB clearance is essential for all the public, private and other voluntary sectors. In the year 2007, CRB processed 3.4 million scrutinizations.

What is CRB clearance?

After the high profile Soham Murder case in the fall of 2002, the government of the UK formed this screening body. The CRB has to check for the detailed criminal records of the applicant. On the basis of the searching for criminal records in the police file and other relevant sources, a certificate is issued to the applicant who has clean police records.

Who all can apply to CRB checks?

All those adults who have regular contacts with children or vulnerable adults come under this scrutinizing body. The government of the UK has made it a rule to recruit those people who possess CRB certificates in the schools and other such institutions.

How to apply for CRB certification?

One can't individually put an application for this certification. Your employer will forward the application on your behalf. The CRB certification gets expired after every three years and you will have to renew it from time to time.

Advantages of CRB clearance

• Kids can't actively protect themselves from impounding dangers. Hence, it is more than essential to filter out the people who come in daily contact with the kids from the potential criminals.

• From teachers, to tutors to bus drivers to creche members, all can be extremely dangerous for your kid's safety. All these people can brainwash your child and commit dangerous crimes. So, it is essential to hire people with CRB clearance certificates.

Where can you get such people?

There are many agencies that will provide you CRB clearance certificate. They collect applications on your behalf and forward them to the respective government bodies for issuing certificates. Once your certificate is generated then these agencies will deliver it to your house. There are agencies that can provide you employees with relevant skills and CRB certificates. For further information you can kindly search the net. provides CRB Clearance services, CRB checks and disclosure services at competitive prices. We also provide ISA checks and ISA registration via the Vetting & Barring Scheme (VBS).

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