21st Birthday Speeches are Different to Other Speeches

Published: 16th March 2010
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21st Birthday speeches mark an important stage in one's life. They combine looking back with looking forward. Usually parents or relatives give the speeches and so they are personal in tone because they are being given by someone who knows the celebrant well. Of course that is not to say that 21st speeches are not sometimes given by a peer and, if so, such speeches will usually be lighter in tone and have a bantering note. It's probable too that many of the guests may even heckle!

These days people often celebrate their 18th birthday as their coming of age yet 21st birthdays are still important occasions in most people's lives. When you reach this age you are poised on the threshold of adult life. When you become 21 you are usually ready to choose a career, decide you want to travel or at least make some decisions regarding your future.

21st Birthday speeches should take this into account. They should, of course speak of the past years, the childhood and teenage years of the birthday boy or girl. They should also, though, speak of the future that lies ahead. They may make suggestions or give ideas. They may give guidance to the celebrant. Above all they will express the good wishes of the speaker.

Parents will often speak with pride of the achievements of their now adult son or daughter. They may have qualified at university or learnt a trade. They may have been excellent sportspeople or deeply involved in social work. Whatever their achievements 21st birthday speeches give parents the opportunity to say how much their child means to them. It is even more important that they do so at a party where the boy or girl is surrounded by family and friends.

21st birthday speeches are often the last speeches parents will give addressed to their children. As the celebrants grow older it is often their own spouses or children who toast them. So a 21st birthday is a very special occasion and the words you say should be words that will be remembered.

A party is a time for celebrating so the speech should be light-hearted while sincere. It should also be short because nobody wants to listen to a long-winded speech at a festive occasion. It should express praise and love and above all the hope that the celebrant will enjoy a long and happy life. It should, naturally end with a relevant toast.

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